TWIST360º | October 2016

Building on SIFFX, fearless collaborated with TWIST queer film festival to produce TWIST360º, the  first queer immersive storytelling festival. The program included a VR Shorts Gallery, featuring work from National Theatre (UK), The New York Times, as well as Seattle artists Dacia Saenz and Wes Hurley. We hosted a 360º photo booth at the Opening Night party and projected the photos onto a 16 foot weather balloon (until it got popped by a party goer!).  Indie cinema and VR pioneer Rose Troche joined us as a featured guest to speak about her journey from traditional filmmaking to VR and work with 15 local artists in the TWIST360º Bootcamp.  The showcase event was the Machine to Be Another,  a virtual reality experience exploring the relationship between identity and empathy.  BeAnotherLab, the creators of Machine To Be Another, came from Barcelona for five days of conversations, presentations and virtual body swapping at CoMotion Lab, Erickson Theater and Lake Washington Girls Middle School. TWIST360º was sponsored by Oculus.  

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VRVE Mobile Media Lab

VRVe - the Virtual Reality Re-creation Vehicle --  takes on the road what we've learned about exhibiting and teaching immersive technology to general audiences.  VRVe is a public engagement pop-up media project bringing immersive technology and storytelling to libraries, festivals, schools and community organizations in the Silicon Rainforest. The program explores themes of portals, transportwhat's old is new, and wherever you go, there you are!, and places high tech in low tech settings in which visitors: sit around the digital campfire and experience360º oral histories made by local artists; learn about stereoscopic photography and the connection between analogue Viewmasters and VR headsets; and wander through a magical augmented reality flower project, Reforestation of the Imagination, by Ginny Ruffner and Grant Kirkpatrick. We launched a prototype of VRVe @ MoPOP this spring, and this summer brought VRVe to: the Media Arts Skills Center @ Seattle Center; opening night of the Borderlands Exhibition @ King Street Station; and the Ballard Public Library. Announcements about the next VRVe tour stop coming soon!


Inspiring the Silicon Rainforest about the artistic, cultural and economic potential of immersive media was the genesis of SIFFX, Seattle's first immersive storytelling festival. SIFFX was: 4 days of virtual reality exhibitions, including the first retrospective of Nonny de la Peña's pioneering immersive journalism; 2 days of panels and workshops featuring local, national and international artists and technologists -- Nonny de la Peña, Joe Chen, Executive Technical Producer at Here Be Dragons, Toby Coffey of National Theater Immersive Storytelling Studio (UK), and "The Grandfather of VR" Tom Furness were among our featured guests. In collaboration with Washington Filmworks we produced FLY STORY, a 3 day incubator introducing 17 artists to immersive technology and storytelling. Realizing a dream to create a communal immersive experience, we partnered with OmniSpace Inc to convert the 80 foot dome at Pacific Science Center into a 180º immersive viewing venue. Over 500 people were showered in light and images from leading immersive content makers Within, RYOT, Wevr and The New York Times.  Learn more about SIFFX.

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Teaching young people media making has been the cornerstone of our careers and so joining up with NFFTY, one of the best festivals for young makers, to launch their inaugural 360º program was a perfect match. We curated a program of international 360º shorts for the NNFTYX VR gallery at MoPOP. VR Artist Scott Crawford joined us to demo his room scale art and oversee the creation of the NFFTYX Exquisite Corpse. VR pioneers Rose Troche (If Not Love, The Misdemeanor) and James Kaelan (The Visitor) spent 2 days working with the 45 makers in the NFFTYX Bootcamp. Dacia Saenz (Adobe AE) led a lively conversation with Rose Troche, James Kaelan and  Kayla Briët about the importance of "building XR forward" by infusing the development of these new tools with diverse voices, expressions and experiences.  NFFTYX was sponsored by Oculus.  Learn more about NFFTYX