fearless360º is a start-up collective working at the intersection of arts, culture, education, storytelling and technology to develop content, programming, and curriculum for immersive/VR/AR/360º media. 

We create, educate and agitate with one driving purpose:

Unleash the power of the human imagination to build a better world using our oldest and newest tools.

fearless360º launched in June 2016 with the production of SIFFX, Seattle's first immersive storytelling festival that was held at Seattle Center.


fearless360º is Sandy Cioffi, Gretchen Burger, and Lindy Boustedt


Exciting upcoming projects Powered by fearless


NFFTYX (April 27-30 2017):

NFFTYX is a brand-new part of NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth) - the largest youth festival in the country. NFFTYX will feature a VR Headset Gallery showcasing new 360º cinematic storytelling from filmmakers 24 and younger, a 360º youth bootcamp, demos with a local artist using Oculus Tiltbrush, and the launch of fearless's new VRVe - a mobile VR pop-up experience.  

UPSTREAM SUMMITX (May 11-13 2017):

Upstream is Paul Allen's new mixed-tape walkable music festival and summit featuring emerging artists, industry experts, and creative collaborators who will dig into the most pressing opportunities and challenges currently facing emerging artists in the music industry. fearless360º is curating and presenting SUMMITX, conversations about the rise of XR in the music space, along with showcasing the newest VR/AR/Immersive work in music through VRVe and other headset demo spaces outside SUMMITX panels.  

Creative Exchange Lab Pilot (Summer 2017):


Octave 9 - Seattle Symphony (On-going 2017):

fearless360º is consulting with the Seattle Symphony and LMN Architects on a new immersive space designed to engage with current and new symphony fans.  


Seattle's first virtual reality festival


fearless360º developed and produced SIFFX 2016, a three day VR/AR/360º festival within the Seattle International Film Festival.

"You have to see this as an inquiry. Four days of asking ourselves if VR matters. Is this just good for entertainment? Or is it a potential doomsday device? People seem to have a pretty visceral reaction when they experience it.

And by it, we mean X. The unknown. We are trying to solve for X, the radical unknown. And it will be a terrific opportunity for the community to experience aspects of this X.”  -City Arts / Sandy Cioffi



Seattle's first Queer VR festival


fearless360º developed and produced TWIST360º during Three Dollar Bill Cinema's TWIST film festival. This two day event was the first ever curation/exhibition/discussion around queer VR content. 

“Our members have unique identities and diverse relationships to gender and embodiment. By "being another," even for a moment, we explored these identities and our bodies in playful, confusing and even painful ways. Our trans members got the chance to experience, for the first time, what it felt like to live in a cis body. As we synchronized our movements, looked at our new selves in a mirror and felt out our forms, the illusion became so real and we felt comfort and peace.

The experience provided answers to questions for those of us still exploring our identities, simultaneously causing relief and sadness. Some of us were re-embodied in the sorts of bodies we used to have, evoking gender dysphoria when we felt the illusion and dissonance as we distanced ourselves. Each of us came away from the machine with a powerful and meaningful experience, allowing us a novel way to explore our queer identities. As VR technology becomes widespread, more of us will benefit from this type of experience.”  -Lion's Main Collective on their experience with The Machine To Be Another